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Let’s start with Red Stone Pasta, a great husband and wife team, Tylor and Katelyn trained in the culinary arts and schooled in old world Italian ways to make the best pasta you can find in Las Vegas.  I could seriously sit down and eat a whole pound of Redstone Pasta if I didn’t have to share!!  Even when I do eat probably more than I should I never feel heavy…no food coma here.  Just really great pasta that actually holds on to the sauce…I didn’t even know it was supposed to do that until I met these two gems!

If you haven’t had Stinky Beans Coffee with one of Sophie’s devine hand crafted syrups, stop what you are doing and get to the farmers market.  Duck and Sophie truly love delighting their customers with exquisitely roasted coffee and out of the box syrup flavors.  They use artisanal roasting techniques that blend the quantitative science of coffee with the unique qualitative flavor profiles of single-origin beans.  If your eyes glazed over at that last sentence, not to worry, Stinky Beans caters to coffee connoisseurs of all levels.

Good Fortune Tea, their teas are as pretty and delicious as their Instagram feed.  They have something for every palate from the fruit forward Mango Calamansi cold brew green tea to Butterfly Lemongrass, an herbal decaf with beautiful hues of violet combined with citrus and hints of fresh mint to quench your thirst and revitalize your body.  Good Fortune Tea was born through the travel and experiences of a crew of friends passionately continuing the communal act of sharing tea as a sign of Good Fortune.
Next up is Desert Moon Mushrooms grown and cultivated by two born and raised Las Vegas locals, EvaSara and Enrique.  They are a dynamic duo combining their interests and skills to bring Las Vegas residents fresh, farm-to-table mushrooms, always mouth-watering and never boring.  There is honestly so much to say about this couple and the amazing goals they have for sustainable farming practices and giving back to the community.  Grateful to the farmers market for making the introduction!

When ACME was just getting started Rod was the first major contact we made, and for that, we are so grateful!  Rod’s produce provides fresh organic tree and vine-ripened fruit, vegetables, herbs and farm fresh eggs to the Las Vegas Valley and they are the cornerstone of 6 farmers markets in the Las Vegas area.  Their produce is organically grown by family farms from Reedley, CA and delivered farm fresh by Rod every week.  You can find produce at Rod’s that you can’t find in the grocery stores and that weird looking lemon squid thing is part of the Citron family called a Buddha Hand.

So where does ACME come into this…well, when you can’t make it to the farmer’s markets we bring the farmer’s market to you.  We are here to help you answer the question of what’s for dinner and give you a step by step plan to make a homecooked meal and you’ll know where all that gorgeous food comes from.  We give you just what you need to make the meal kit(s) you’ve chosen, no more left over fruits and veggies rotting on the counter at the end of the week. In a nutshell we curate, you choose, we deliver, you enjoy. To find out more, check out How it Works above.


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