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What We Do

We make it simple to shop, cook + eat local. We save your time, help you answer the nagging question of “what’s for dinner” and we support dozens of local suppliers in each community we serve. If it isn’t obvious, we aren’t your average “meal delivery company”. We source the absolute best local ingredients, pair them with quick + delicious recipes, our boxes are carefully packed with minimal packaging, and we personally deliver this goodness right to your doorstep, nothing is ever shipped.

We want you to feel like you are part of our family. We’ll introduce you to the amazing people that raise, make or harvest your food, you’ll meet the team that curates, gathers and delivers each ACME box, and you can even join us in fundraising campaigns to support local non-profits. Without you, we cannot change our food system.


We envision a world where everyone lives on fresh, deliciously tasty food that has been produced locally and regeneratively.

We envision our farmers, makers, and bakers to be paid fairly for the work they do, so they can continue producing amazing food.

We envision a collective of people employed in meaningful work right in their neighborhoods, so they can support their families and strengthen their communities.

And it all starts with food.


Acme Farms & Kitchen nurtures people, communities, and the planet to be their healthiest by curating and delivering easy-to-cook meal kits, that are made with ingredients produced by our local farmers, makers and bakers.


We embrace and drive meaningful change in the world.

We deliver WOW through customer service and partnerships.

We measure what matters to our mission.

We live positivity, possibility and fun in our work together.