Good Fortune Tea Mixed 6 Pack Bottles

Good Fortune Tea Mixed 6 Pack Bottles

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Butterfly Lemongrass Cold Brew Herbal Tea - Herbal decaf with beautiful hues of violet combined with citrus and hints of fresh mint to quench your thirst and revitalize your body.

Yuzu BlackBerry Cold Brew Tea - This cold brew tea is both slightly fruit forward and malty. It’s rich color is enhanced from the Yuzu fruit and fresh Blackberry, finished with a dash of agave.

Assam Black Rose Cold Brew Tea - A perfect malty flavored Assam black tea from India, vibrantly colored and enhanced by a subtle floral aftertaste.

Oolong Cold Brew Tea - Premium Chinese Oolong tea, which is bright golden brown, full bodied tea with a toasty and nutty complexion.

Mango Calamansi Cold Brew Tea - Fruit forward tropical cold brew green tea with a refreshingly mild texture. The tartness of the Calamansi balances out the fruitiness of the Mango, while the green tea base gives it a smooth and vibrant aftertaste.

Gencha Green Cold Brew Tea - Traditional Japanese green tea blend with a hint of toasted popcorn mellowed by a fresh cut grass aroma and umami.


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